About Us

Who We Are

We first started off as a group of friends who enjoyed analyzing and investigating cryptocurrencies and the trading market. We started off research the different market behaviors before diving into trading with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

We watched these trading activities flourish over the past years. Since its induction into the cryptocurrency trading market, Bitcoin has become a top digital currency. Due to this, the main users are looking into how they can become an investor and starting trading Bitcoin.

When first beginning to trade Bitcoin, there wasn't much information or guidance on effectively trading Bitcoin. This led us to fail many times. Trading isn't easy to understand, but we worked together to figure out the best trading strategies. Years have gone by, and we are now experts in what we do and want to share the amazing technology we have come up with.

You may be asking, 'Why would you want to share such information with others?' We are doing this because we want everyone to gain access to trading Bitcoin and ultimately become a Bitcoin investor. We have seen trading software rise to attract a limited group of people to succeed in Bitcoin trading activities. However, we want to open this availability to everyone, no matter their financial background or their experience in trading Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. We have built a trading software for everyone to use.

How Can Our Prime Advantage Help You?

We have created a trading software and platform that's easy-to-use and straightforward. Our software has been specifically designed to cater to all varying levels of trading experience, from a complete beginner, a trading ninja, and anything in-between. We offer this by equipping our system with trading bots.

These trading bots can be initiated into your trades when you feel less confident and would like more guidance. These trading bots' role is to filter through the market ‘noise’ to find trading signals that match with the trading parameters you have set. Once these trade signals are triggered, the trading bots conduct the appropriate trade on your behalf.

In addition to this, our trading software allows you to optimize your trading sessions. Thus, you can spend less time monitoring the trading market's data and rather check-up on your trading account every now and then. Not to mention, all of these trading features offer security and safety while you're using our platform and Prime Advantage to conduct trades.

Become a Member of Our Community

We have complete faith in our Prime Advantage to help you improve your trading skills. It doesn't matter if you're a professional trader or an absolute beginner. We have tailor-made all of the features incorporated into the software to ensure that you are given the guidance you need in regards to your experience level.

In addition to this, becoming a member of the Prime Advantage community is incredibly easy and straightforward, thanks to our quick signup process and trading account registration. We require a very limited amount of information from you to get trading.